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AMG Attorneys

Tradition of Talent

With AMG Attorneys, your case is our priority.

AMG Attorneys was created in 2017 with an office in Madrid, Spain and after adding our offices in London and Brussels. Our expertise covers all aspects of the art and IP law related to trademarks, art and cultural heritage: from drafting and negotiating agreements, copyright registration and protection, authors moral and economic rights assessment, authenticity matters, art appraisal, and transportation law such as cross-border road transportation issues in EU, litigation and resolution of disputes both to individuals and companies.

At AMG Attorneys we have the qualification, resources and experience necessary to provide a comprehensive and result oriented legal advice.


Our expert lawyers offer a wide range of legal services in the UK, Spain and Belgium. Our market knowledge ensures we can work with clients to achieve their objectives.


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Art Law

Expert guidance

We have successfully blended arts knowledge and legal expertise to advise on:

  • Commercial and non-contentious issues

  • Tax planning

  • Art recovery

  • Authenticity disputes

  • Moral rights

  • Cultural property and heritage 

  • Insurance  


Intellectual Property & Technology


Our specialists have the necessary qualifications, resources and expertise to provide comprehensive legal advice.

  • Trademarks and trade names,

  • Designs and models

  • Copyright

  • Droit de suite

  • Authors economic and moral rights

  • Non-profit organizations (associations, foundations) 

  • Patents

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Transport & Logistics 

Over many years, our team has gained the experience and expertise necessary to help with complex legal solutions for the industry players as seamless as possible. 

We advise on:

  • Freight claims

  • Employment matters 

  • Intermodal agreements

  • Environmental matters

  • Financing transaction 

  • Lease terms and conditions

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Partnership agreements 

  • Permits

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AMG Attorneys clients and partners

Noon Consulting Art

"The right balance between getting the job done and getting the right result."

Desiree Meza Herrero

Noon Consulting Art Gallery, 



Guna has a great experience in the field and good eye on details. Cooperation with Guna is ease and smooth. Her suggestions are beyond question and are important additions to the development of our Association. Guna always gives a feeling that our question and partnership are most important points in her agenda at that moment and it definitely gives a trustful feeling for our cooperation in long-term.


Laura Berzina, Founder of the non profit organisation "Baltic Design Stories" / Belgium

MMK Photography 

I was fortunate enough to have a chance to work with Guna. I was impressed with her broad knowledge in Law and Art, her language skills and hard-working attitude to please even the most demanding clients. Her commitment to her professional development and her high moral values are exceptional. Her bright and jovial personality and a great sense of humor always improve the mood, even during the most difficult negotiations. Guna's professionalism, determination and international experience are very impressive and I highly recommend her.

Monika Kubiak, Photographer/Owner at MMK Photography

ROSAT Antiques

Travail exceptionnel et rapide, savoir faire et efficacité, ai eu une réponse immédiate à ma demande urgente. 

Merci pour votre réactivité et votre savoir en matière du domaine de l’art.  Je ne peux que recommander cette


Steve Rosat, 

Rosat Antiques, 



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Office in Spain

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