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Art Collection Management for Art Collectors

We work closely with art collectors to provide legal support that is catered specifically to art collection management, tax advantages, and lending agreements. Take a look at the services we offer, and get in touch with us.

How important  is  it to protect my art? 

The most important part of a collection are artworks.

Second important - insurance.

Fine art insurance covers two major aspects of mishaps that can happen to artwork: damage and full loss. If a piece is damaged but can be repaired, then a good policy will cover all or most of the cost. And the third most important thing is to create and regularly update the inventory of the collection.

To store duplicates of the record in hard and soft copies, preferably in different locations. A comprehensive record should include copies of invoices, appraisals and authenticity certificates of each piece of artwork. The inventory should have a full description of each piece.

Our Services Include

Preliminary evaluation of your  art assets

Inheritance and succession planning

Accompanying private ,corporate buyers and investors in the process of purchcase of art works

Impartial advice on finding, buying and selling individual works of art

Due diligence (provenance, title, administrative procedures for export / import, taxes, etc).

Collection management

Assisting art purchases

Art appraisal

Points to Note


One of the most important questions to ask when purchasing art  is whether the work is free and clear of liens or other encumbrances now and in the future


When a purchaser of an artwork later discovers that the artwork is not authentic, the statute of limitations in different countries offer different time frames for filing a suit for the breach of authenticity

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