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Over many years, our team has gained the experience and expertise necessary to help with complex legal solutions for the industry players as seamlessly as possible. Our art lawyers provide services related to the art world and the creative industries.

Our clients include:



Private Collectors


Associations/ Foundations/ Estates




Drafting contracts:

  • with artists for exhibitions

  • with transport companies

  • for collaboration with other exhibitions

  • sales contracts 

Copyright protection for artworks

Resolving dispute in the authenticity of artworks


Assist in transactional matters related to museum collection management:

  • Advising and structuring deals for the purchase and sale of art

  • Agreements for site-specific artworks

  • Agreements with artists, exhibition and loan agreements

  • Counsel on the commercial use of art-related intellectual property

  • Gifting artworks and cultural heritage restitution

  • Copyright disputes

  • Claims involving theft, loss and physical damage of artworks. 




Drafting and reviewing contracts.

Advice on protection of the artworks.

Protection of morals and economic rights.

  • Preliminary evaluation of art assets.

  • Inheritance and succession planning.

  • Accompany private and corporate buyers and investors in the process of purchase of artworks.

  • Impartial advice on finding, buying and selling individual works of art, art appraisal.

  • Due diligence (provenance, title, administrative procedures for export/import, taxes, etc.)

  • Collection management

  • Assisting art purchases

  • Art appraisal

  • Counsel and representation in provenance, restitution, copyright and authenticity issues.

  • Assistance with inter-generational planning 

  • Act as the trustees of estates with large art holdings.

  • Representing artists and their heirs in estate planning matters involving decisions on the preservation, curatorial and tax-efficient disposition of collections.

  • Counsel on the establishment of private foundations, estates and museums internationally. 


  • Transport

  • Contract consulting for transportation and logistics partners.

  • Insurance advice to protect the goods and transport fleet.

  • Consulting transport employees and

  • Advice on documentation required by each country to decide in which countries the internationalization strategy should be started.

  • Advice on regulations of entry into other countries.

  • Contracts with transport and fleet rental.

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